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Outlaws Exhibit

Drop by and check out our Outlaws Exhibit - highlighting fifteen outlaws that shaped the West over the 19th and 20th centuries!

sundance kid image 1870 to 1909

Sundance Kid

- Born Harry Longabaugh in Mont Claro, Pennsylvania, he got his name from Sundance, Wyoming - the only place he was arrested for stealing a horse.

- He was considered the fastest gunslinger in the Wild Bunch gang.

- He and the Wild Bunch's largest theft was a $70,000 haul from a train just outside Folsom, New Mexico.

- Union Pacific Railroad hired the famed Pinkerton National Detective Agency to find and arrest Sundance and the rest of the gang. Sundance and Cassidy pushed into South America along with Etta Place, Sundance's lover.

-Some say Sundance and Cassidy lost their lives in a shootout with soldiers in southern Bolivia on November 3, 1908. Historical evidence suggests he returned to the United States under a new name, William Long.

jesse james image, lived 1847 to 1882

Jesse James

- In February 1866, Jesse robbed the Clay County Savings Association. He shot a bystander and robbed the bank of around $58,000. It was one of the first armed bank robberies in the United States.

- After spending two years away from the United States in Mexico on the Rio Grande frontier, Jesse James traveled to Corydon, Iowa along with Cole Younger and other bandits, to rob a bank. They escaped with $40,000.

- Jesse and Frank James joined Cole, Jim, and John Younger to start the James-Younger gang.

- The Missouri Governor issued a proclamation for the arrest of Jesse James in 1881 with a $5,000 reward.

- Robert Ford, a member of Jesse's gang, shot him for the reward money.